Secondary Resources

Secondary Resources

The World Beneath Our Feet - A series of activities investigating soil.

Tree Stories - A story for each month about a Scottish tree. Available in both English and Gaelic.

Tree Measuring - Activities to involve children in estimating and measuring the height and girth of trees. 

How a tree works - Illustrating the functions of different parts of a tree. How a Tree Works Poster and How a Tree Works Activity Plan.

Seeds, leaves and trees - Illustrating the range of trees. Seed, leaves and Trees Resource Cards.

Seed dispersal - Investigating the dispersal of seeds of a range of trees.  3 resources: Activities and gamesResource Cards and an Information Note.

Carbon equivalent - Investigating how much carbon is produced by everyday activities and the role played by trees in storing carbon.  Resource Cards 

Carbon footprint - Exploring the concept of a ‘carbon footprint’ and the role of trees in carbon capture. 4 resources: Resource CardsActivity PlanWorksheet and an Information Note.

The woodland management tree cycle - Highlighting the importance of sustainable management of our woodlands. 2 resources: Resource Cards and Activity Plan.

Why are trees important? - Exploring how we sustainably manage our woodlands and the benefits they provide. 2 resources: Resource Cards and Activity Plan.

The First Foresters: explore the Neolithic in Scotland’s native woodlands - exploring the archaeology of Neolithic farmers, Scotland’s first foresters.

The Woodland Workout: an enterprising and active woodland trail - An educator’s guide to woodland activities and physical exercises.

Our Scots Pine poster - An illustration of a Scots pine and the species it supports

Trees and the Scottish Enlightenment - An introduction to the story of the Enlightenment and the beginnings of modern forestry.