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Outdoor & Woodland Learning North East Group Policy of Procurement

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 06.08.16

A policy of procurement produced and used by the Outdoor & Woodland Learning North East Group.

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OWL Scotland and FCS Summary Resource Flyer

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 04.13.16

A summary flyer listing the key educational resources produced by OWL Scotland and Forestry Commission Scotland with source information, age and stage and how to get the resource.

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OWL Scotland Resources

Created by SBP Admin | Published 02.15.16

A downloadable flyer/leaflet setting out the main education resources available from Forestry Commission Scotland and Outdoor and Woodland Learning Scotland.

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Vocational Learning in the Forestry Sector

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 02.20.15

In 2007 the Scottish Qualifications Authority introduced a range of qualifications called Skills for Work one of which was Rural Skills (Intermediate 1). This further supported the Scottish Progression Award in Rural Skills (Intermediate 2) currently under revision, becoming a National Progression Award in 2009 (April). Both qualifications can be offered in the context of Forestry. These Case Studies look at how Rural Skills have been successfully developed through School Partnerships, with best practise examples.

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Ticks and your health

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 02.09.15

Information about tick bite risks and prevention ( a Public Health England leaflet).

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