North Lanarkshire - The Tall Tales of Our Story Poles

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 06.21.12

Story Poles have been designed, crafted and installed at three sites across North Lanarkshire. The desire was to create a focal point, which would capture the imagination, and encourage people of all ages to visit their local greenspaces.

The Countryside Ranger Service engaged with six schools, (159 pupils, 21 with learning support needs), 50 volunteers, two community groups, one historian, and, commissioned local sculptor and furniture maker Alan Kain.

The children explored the biodiversity of woodlands and learned about timber production: witnessing the process first hand during their visit to the sawmill. They composed drawings revealing what their local environment meant to them, which Alan meticulously carved into the Story Poles.

The Story Poles reflect local culture, environment and history. Highly visible in the landscape, they have generated a sense of pride, being seen as a permanent and unique feature. They serve as a testimonial to everyone involved, that none have been vandalised.