Rural Skills Course at Speyside High School 2009-10

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 06.21.12

Funded jointly by the Forest Education Initiative and a Moray Leader Project, the Rural Skills Course at Speyside High School has enabled a group of 14-16 year olds to learn much about their local forested area and all the tasks which a forestry or estate worker carries out to maintain its condition. Youngsters learn the theory in the classroom but learn much more by working alongside Forestry Commission and Crown Estate, Glenlivet workers to plant, stake, beat up trees as well as weed, brash, prune and fertilise them. They have also been involved in fencing, drainage, track laying and bench building work to encourage tree growth and improve access for the public. Young people on the course have since become employed in the forestry, estate and farming industries. Funding has allowed the purchase of equipment, protective clothing and transport to work places. The success of the course has led to its participants a Moray Environmental and a Citizenship Award.