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The World Beneath Our Feet - Connecting Soils and Curriculum

Created by SBP Admin | Published 06.01.16

Connecting soils and curriculum. A series of soil-based activities that have been designed to add value across Curriculum for Excellence.

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Recumbent Stone Circles

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 06.15.15

Recumbent Stone Circles: a learning resource for teachers of Curriculum for Excellence Level 2. This resource aims to help teachers and youth group leaders explore the recumbent stone circles of Aberdeenshire.

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The Picts

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 06.15.15

The Picts: a learning resource for teachers of Curriculum for Excellence Level 2. The Picts are one of Scotland's greatest mysteries: an apparently vanished nation, chronicled by others but not by themselves. The Picts speak to us only through their inspiring creativity- their marvellous carved stones, their monumental hill forts and their beautiful jewellery. This resource aims to provide an introduction to a topic rich in imagination, creativity and enquiry.

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Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 04.11.13

This resource has been produced to support teachers who are reading the novel Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver with their classes. Set in Mesolithic times, the novel is not only an exciting read but also reveals much about the lives of hunter-gatherers who lived in Scotland 10,000 years ago.

The resource aims to:

  • Bring the Mesolithic period to life through a series of woodland and classroom learning activities
  • Encourage pupils and teachers to enjoy spending time in their local woodland
  • Support teachers in delivering Curriculum for Excellence outcomes through outdoor learning

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Woodland Workout - An Enterprising and Active Woodland Trail

Created by Calum Mackintosh | Published 06.29.11

Woodland Workout is a Forest Education Initiative project supported by Forestry Commission Scotland.  The resource has been developed by four teachers who took part in a five-day placement through the Excellence in Education Business Links (EEBL) programme funded by Careers Scotland.

The aim of the project was to produce a resource that could be easily used by teachers and enable them to offer a wide range of outdoor activities and  exercises to their pupils.

The result has been the production of ‘Woodland Workout’, which can be easily downloaded, adapted for different ages and abilities, and used with very few resource.  The activities have been adapted from a wide range of sources. These may be found in the useful books section of the teacher’s packs required.

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