FK Shelters Webinar Note

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 02.03.21

This is the notes for the Forest Kindergarten Shelters webinar.

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Wee Green Fingers

Created by SBP Admin | Published 05.20.20


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The First Foresters - Explore the Neolithic in Scotland’s native woodlands

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 04.17.19

Everyone has heard of Stonehenge, perhaps the greatest stone circle of them all. But have you heard of its neighbour, Woodhenge? This learning resource moves beyond the familiar stone circles of prehistory to explore the archaeology of our lost timber halls and timber circles.  An inspirational blend of discussion, practical and creative indoor activities and outdoor woodland learning, the resource draws on the work of leading archaeologists to describe a very different Neolithic – one not of stone  but of wood. Following on from Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods, where we imagined the world of the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers living within the wildwood, we now visit the Neolithic farming pioneers and imagine the world of the first foresters working within the wildwood. Our key objective is to explore the interconnected ideas of Neolithic first farmers, first foresters and first builders – and to encourage indoor and outdoor learning by ‘thinking like a first forester’.

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Summer Woodland Activities

Created by NEOWLG | Published 03.27.16

These summer first & second stage outdoor learning activities have been collated, tried and tested by Katy Leitch & Lizzie Bacon on behalf of OWL North East Group.

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Aibidil na GhĂ idhlig le Craobhan: the Gaelic alphabet through trees

Created by OWL Scotland | Published 11.25.15

Each of the 18 letters of the Gaelic alphabet relates to a tree name. This bilingual poster lists the letters and the tree names in Gaelic and English.

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