Early Years Resources

Learning resources: Early Years

Wee Green Fingers Fun Pack  A pack full of games and activities to explore gardening for biodiversity.

The World Beneath Our Feet.  A series of activities investigating soil.

Branching out into books - A list of woodland themed books.

Tree Stories - A story for each month about a Scottish tree. Available in both English and Gaelic:

Woodland learning activity postcards - A range of woodland activities in postcard form:

Scavenging around: setting up a woodland scavenger hunt

Carried away: investigating seed dispersal

What’s in the trees? exploring the uses of different parts of trees

My woodland journey: creating a woodland ‘journey’ stick’

Tied in knots: knots for shelter building

Woodland hideaways: suggestions for den building

Tree Measuring - A range of activities to involve children in estimating and measuring the height and girth of trees.

ABC Gaelic poem poster - Each letter of the Gaelic alphabet relates to a tree name. This Gaelic poem was used to teach children the alphabet. Available in English and Gaelic.

Aibidil na Ghàidhlig le Craobhan: The Gaelic alphabet through trees - Each of the 18 letters of the Gaelic alphabet relates to a tree name. This bilingual poster lists the letters and the tree names in Gaelic and English.

Summer woodland activities - Tried and tested woodland activities for summer

Spring woodland activities -Tried and tested woodland activities for springtime.  There are two sets of resources: Spring 1 and Spring 2