Felt feet - make your own slippers

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 18.04.20

This workshop will involve wrapping our feet in wool and going for a walk and chat. While we walk the wool will felt our very own pair of felted feet slippers. You will be amazed at the results!!!! You will have to bring a pair of boots that you don’t…

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Spring Herbal Foraging CPD for Glasgow Educators

Created by GROWL | Event date: 26.04.20

Pollok Country Park. Identify and learn about locally-abundant wild herbs and explore their amazing traditional and medicinal uses. Join Lauren Lochrie of Herbal Homestead for a Glasgow forage were we will be tuning into the new season's growth and abundance! We will be identifying and gently harvesting wild herbs on…

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Citizen Science in action with Emily Brown

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 16.05.20

Citizen Science involves the gathering, recording, and analysis of scientific data by members of the public and can be an engaging way to bring a real word context into STEM, outdoor learning, and sustainability learning in school. Citizen science activities a great way to enhance confidence of staff in relation…

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Natural dyeing in the woods

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 06.06.20

Join Christine Matheson to learn techniques for dyeing materials using natural materials. You will help gather some of the plants and use them to turn materials into wonderful colours. Suitable for teaching to all levels. Saturday 6 June at Abriachan Forest Trust from 1000 – 1300.

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Pollok . Park Make natural torches, dolls from reeds and felted wool capes - all engaging and useful activities to run with your groups of children or adults. Led by one of Europe's top Bushcraft and Traditional Crafts leaders. About the Course Mini Torches It is a luxury to have…

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