Created by Tayside OWL Group | Event date: 25.01.20


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Wildlife Tracks & Signs

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 15.02.20

Join Dan Puplett who is a naturalist, outdoor educator and certified wildlife tracker. Tracking is an ancient skill that engages all our senses and helps to develop observation, memory, empathy and deduction abilities. Once we start to unravel a tracking mystery we find ourselves becoming aware of, and understanding more…

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SHOWL committee meeting

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 26.02.20

Join us at RSBP Inverness for our next meeting from 4 - 6pm

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Woodland Beastie Hunt

Created by South Highland OWL | Event date: 21.03.20

Join Sarah Walker of RSPB to get some ideas for some low cost beastie hunting activities which are suitable for groups of all ages and hone your identification skills. Come dressed for the weather and bring your own lunch. Saturday 21 March in Strathspey (exact location tbc) from 1000 –…

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MOWL March Networking Day

Created by Midlothian | Event date: 29.03.20

Come along to our MOWL March Networking day from 10:00am to 13:00pm at Newbattle Abbey College, where we will be promoting our new MOWL group. Participate in various activities/workshops relevant to MOWL. All welcome!

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