Starting a group

For information about starting up new groups, in the first instance, please contact us.

The Outdoor & Woodland Learning Manager Scotland  is available to give support and guidance with setting up and running a local group. We can supply display panels for public events, OWL Scotland flyers and give advice on funding. Other local OWL groups can also be a useful source of information and advice.

If you decide to start a local OWL group:

  • contact us and discuss your ideas
  • arrange a local meeting
  • invite all people who may be interested in developing outdoor learning locally
  • decide on a common aims for the group, based on local available resources and expertise - it is important to ensure that your group has a sound basis and useful resources to offer before starting to promote its existence
  • formally create the group by constituting the group and electing officers (this process may take more than one meeting)
  • All local OWL groups must have a signed constitution and a completed administration form, before they are eligible to apply fo Funding.
  • if you wish to apply for  funding you will need to open a bank account. We advise four signatories with all cheques/transactions signed by two of the four

Useful Tips and Hints

  • Hold meetings regularly according to the projects you are running (some groups meet once a month, others twice a year)
  • Be ready to respond to enquiries (have a named lcoal contact)
  • Update your web page entry
  • Liaise with other groups
  • Keep us informed - we will advise you on administration requirements (minutes, accounts, website etc.)

Draft constitutions and all necessary documentation can be supplied by the OWL Scotland Manager.