Traditional Skills and Crafts for Glasgow Educators with Willow Lohr (POSTPONED)

Created by GROWL | Event date 14.06.20

Pollok . Park Make natural torches, dolls from reeds and felted wool capes - all engaging and useful activities to run with your groups of children or adults. Led by one of Europe's top Bushcraft and Traditional Crafts leaders. About the Course Mini Torches It is a luxury to have light during the hours of darkness and something we take for granted. The art of making and finding light, of utilising natural materials to light up dark places and night-time hours, is a craft and skill mostly forgotten. This lesson offers an opportunity to find the materials needed to make a small torch. We will search for resins, wick materials in the woods and fashion a functional torch. We will also look at oil lamps, fat lamps, natural wick materials and lamp containers. Swamp Dancers Children in the past learned crafts and skills, necessary for adult life, in a playful and resourceful way. Through playing and making their own toys and playthings, they learned not only which materials were suitable, but also where these are found, how they work, as well as develop their manual dexterity. Swamp dancers are one such all-encompassing skill. Traditionally bulrushes are used to make this fun and creative doll. The making of this doll allows you to learn something about binding reeds as well as learn the traditional lore behind this amazing plant material. Wool felted Cape Wool is an amazing resource and warm material. For thousands of years people have relied heavily on wool for clothing and to keep warm at night. Felting wool is much faster than knitting or weaving, and very suitable for hard-wearing outer garments. Today we will use ‘raw wool’, the most un-processed’ wool, to make a warm and weather shielding, shoulder cape. The felting method used will be ‘wet-felting’ and each participant can design her/his own style cape