Outdoor Storytelling CPD for Glasgow Educators

Created by GROWL | Event date 27.02.20

Woodlands Workspace. A practical and dynamic introduction to the art of storytelling for educators who want to tell stories outside with young learners (3-10yrs) About the course Human brains are hard-wired to make sense of the world through listening to and sharing stories – we are storytelling animals! During this fascinating session, you will learn how to: - Identify where and when storytelling can be successfully incorporated into outdoor and woodland activities - Source the perfect tales for your learners and environment - Develop your own storytelling confidence through group games, camp fire improvisation and nature story games Allison will provide stories suitable for pre-school and primary age children. You are also welcome to bring stories that you would like to learn/work on. She will facilitate group and individual mentoring, to help you learn stories easily and tell them with style.