Ayrshire OWLs

Formed March 2018 - Ayrshire OWLs is a group for outdoor enthusiasts and educators from across all 3 Ayrshires. Meetings are informal, fun and usually follow a Skill Share format.

We welcome enquiries (see email details) from anyone with an interest in leading learning outdoors.  Alternatively, come along to one of our Skill Share sessions - see events page for dates and contact information.


As a local group working with OWL Scotland, Ayrshire OWLs aims to increase the opportunities for learning outdoors.



Providing First Hand Learning Experience

Increase the use of outdoors for exploring and discovery for learning.

Use learning outdoors to help to develop a sense of place and belonging and develop a deep connection to the natural world.

Increasing Knowledge, Skills and Understanding of Outdoor Environments

Increase opportunities for adults to learn and develop pedagogical skills for use outdoors.

Use a range of outdoor environments encourage depth, breadth and progression in learning, including practical skills.

Supporting Learning for Sustainability

Increase opportunities to learn about the natural world and how it links to social and economic factors locally, in Scotland and globally, by going outside.

Developing Practice which Supports Health and Wellbeing

Increase recognition of the way that learning outdoors impacts positively on health and wellbeing.